Do not Pass over Those Madden NFL 22 Final Legends

Alan Faneca, Dan Marino, and Everson Walls are now available as Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Legends. The cards come as rewards from challenges and sets.

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Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Legends Player Items

Limited Edition Alan Faneca

Position: Power Guard.

OVR: 99.

Stats: 70 speed, 88 acceleration, 67 agility, 65 change of direction, 97 awareness, 97 strength.

NCAT Alan Faneca

Position: Power Guard.

OVR: 94.

Stats: 66 speed, 84 acceleration, 63 agility, 61 change of direction, 93 awareness, 92 strength.

Dan Marino

Position: Field General Quarterback.

OVR: 99.

Stats: 82 speed, 88 acceleration, 80 agility, 98 awareness, 80 strength.

To get this card you will have to complete a set. The set requirements include one 97 OVR, three 93 OVR, and six 89 OVR cards. All cards must be Ultimate Legends editions of this player.

Everson Walls

Position: Man to Man Cornerback.

OVR: 99.

Stats: 97 speed, 96 acceleration, 97 agility, 98 change of direction, 96 awareness, 73 strength, 98 jumping, 96 play recognition, 65 return.

This card is also a set reward. It has the same requirements as the above player. Obviously, the cards must represent Everson Walls.

Each one of the players has an associated challenge. The reward is their Power Up item. After you complete the first two challenges, you gain access to Faneca’s challenge. The prize is the 94 OVR NCAT card. All three challenges give 3,000 Madden coins and three stars. One Ultimate Legends collectible token is obtained for every three stars. When you have 10 tokens, you can exchange them for an Ultimate Legends career edition item of your choice. You can repeat this set multiple times. If you are looking for more players, don’t forget about the latest Wildcard Wednesday release. It allows you to get items from past editions.

Nick Gates

Position: Agile Center.

OVR: 98.

Stats: 72 speed, 88 acceleration, 82 agility, 72 change of direction, 98 awareness, 96 strength.

Joe Thuney

Position: Pass Protector Guard.

OVR: 97.

Stats: 73 speed, 86 acceleration, 89 agility, 65 change of direction, 96 awareness, 94 strength.

Greg Van Roten

Position: Power Guard.

OVR: 97.

Stats: 68 speed, 84 acceleration, 67 agility, 74 change of direction, 97 awareness, 94 strength.

Kenny Clark

Position: Run Stopper Defensive Tackle.

OVR: 97.

Stats: 80 speed, 90 acceleration, 77 agility, 75 change of direction, 95 awareness, 96 strength, 95 play recognition.

William Gholston

Position: Power Rusher Defensive End.

OVR: 97.

Stats: 92 speed, 94 acceleration, 84 agility, 78 change of direction, 95 awareness, 95 strength, 95 jumping.

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