Can an International Student Get a Student Loan in UAE?

The rivalry is getting tougher in every field, thus students are eager for educational opportunities from famous universities. To accomplish anything in life, education is essential. Unfortunately, though, lack of money makes getting an education difficult. Low-income parents want to give their kids an identity but are unable to pay the astronomical charge. The cost of higher education is out of control nowadays. But why must you students endure suffering? Your future in school is in your hands.

Several renowned institutions, including New York University (NYU), the University of Wollongong, and others, have opened branches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has led to the country’s rapid growth as one of the world’s top centers for education. As a result, a large number of students have flocked to the UAE to continue their studies.

UAE’s comparatively lax foreign student loan regulation is what increases its appeal to potential students. student who reaches a higher level of studies prefers to get loan because higher studies become much more expensive. Even, you have seen many students struggling for money while looking for MBA assignment writers as compared to bachelor’s assignment writers. So, this is the reason, this article has come up that will help man students who are looking for a loan.

Banks’ Personal Education Loan Program:

These loans are designed to make sure that your ability to pursue higher education is not threatened by financial difficulties. You may simply continue your education and realize your ambition of going to college. Here is a list of the top six private loan providers, along with information about them:

Bank of Islam in Abu Dhabi

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum Wage: 8,000 AED
  • Age requirement: 21 years old
  • Service period: six months if confirmed.

Documentation Needed:

  • The original of your valid passport and a duplicate of it (plus, if you’re an ex-pat, your valid residence visa)
  • The genuine Emirates ID card in its original form and a copy of your most recent three-month bank statement
  • Quotation from a university or school addressed to ADIB in the format required by ADIB


  • Maximum Financing: 250,000 AED
  • Loan payback period in installments: 48 months
  • As a processing charge, you must only pay 1% of the loan amount (Minimum AED 500 and Maximum AED 2,500)
  • There is no cost to defer the loan.
  • ADIB offers a complimentary Visa Cashback card.

Education Loan from Union National Bank

Eligibility Requirements

  • The candidate must be an expatriate resident of the UAE.
  • Monthly Minimum Wage: 5,000 AED
  • Age Requirement Minimum: 20 years, 5 months, and 7 days (At the time of application)

Documentation Needed:

  • original wage statement
  • Original Salary Bank Statement (for last 6 months)
  • a duplicate of the passport and the visa page
  • a copy of your National ID card application or your Emirates ID card
  • Letter of Salary Transfer (in the required format)


  • A loan of up to 20 times your wage is available (Maximum AED 500,000 as per terms and conditions)
  • According to the terms and circumstances, you might postpone repaying your loan (A maximum of AED 100 will be charged per postponement). There can be no more than two postponements of an installment each year.
  • You’ll receive a free UNB credit card.
  • The loan can be paid off over a 48-month period.

Final Words

As far as we are aware, lenders carefully review a candidate’s profile who applies for an international student loan to study in the UAE. Lenders make decisions, for instance, based on the success percentage of a certain course or university/college for students who sought an education loan for route courses. Let’s assume that the success rate for candidates to route programs in the USA is close to 100 percent. Since Indian students frequently choose the USA as their destination of choice for higher education, most lenders view American colleges as trustworthy.

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