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Why newborn baby photography?

Some memories are simply unforgettable but you do not realize that when you are making them. Time can slip through your hands very quickly but you can capture some of it forever.

One such memory which you can store in your heart as well as in your hard drive is that of your children when they are born.  Newborn Baby Photography is the cutest and the most memorable thing you can do for your child.

What is the ideal age for newborn baby photography?

Although your newborn baby will remain “newborn” for quiet some time but we suggest that if you are interested in photography, you should go for a photo session within the first two weeks or within the first month of his/her birth. The best time is the first two weeks.

How to identify the best photographer for new-born babies?

There are are many professional photographers in UK. For instance, if you live in Bracknell, you can easily find someone for baby photography Bracknell.  You can also scroll the web to find professional photographers in your vicinity with the help of the internet.

However, one should remember that newborn baby photography is now a specialized field and you should select from photographers who have specific skills.

Check out the portfolio

You can check the porftolio of these specialized photographers online. Almost all of them have a website with pictures of their photo sessions. You can also visit them and ask for their portfolio.

Remember, half the magic is done with the camera while the remaining is done through photo editing. So you should be looking at a photographer who is skilled not only in photography but also in using digital tools for enhancing photographs.


You will find many rookies when it comes to child photography. Ideally, you should hire someone who has an experience of at least three years in newborn baby photography. Child photo sessions can be expensive and no one would want to waste their hard earned money.


Newborn baby photography can be expensive. Thats because, it is a specialized photography field. It also requires extreme care. Usually, photographers will have standard packages for child photo sessions with different features.

You have the option of choosing from many offers and you can easily find one which fits your budget. Professional and well acomplished photographers will have higher prices than beginners.

Photography options

You can select from three basic options when it comes to your child’s photography. You can also choose a combination of two among them or even three.

Newborn Baby Photography
Newborn Baby Photography

Photography at home

If you want your child’s photo session to be entirely carried out in your home, you can ask your photographer to do so. Many props which professional photographers use are most probably available already in your child’s room. The photographer may charge you extra for travelling to your home depending on the distance because he will have to carry his photography equipment to your home.

Studio Photography

Another option, and which parents often opt for, is studio photography. You may want to check the studio first before you choose your photographer. A professional studio for newborn baby photography will include all the necessary props and interior which are imperative for excellant photography.

The best thing about studio photography is that the suitable ambience and the backgrounds already exist for professional photography. Another comfort with this option is, that your photographer does not have to travel or carry all his supplies anywhere

Outdoor Photography

Although rare but adventurous, outdoor photography can produce unique photos of your child. The photo session however can be very challenging because you will have to carry diapers, food, clothes, etc to the site, while your photographer will have to carry all his supplies too. Risk factors such as weather and insects should also be considered before selecting outdoor photography. 

Accessories & Props

You may want to ask your photographer regarding the props available at his studio and wether he can bring them to your site if you choose photography at home. Props like blankets, baskets, hats, headbands, and toys will give incredible results when used in photographs.

If there is something specific you want to add, talk to your photographer. You may have several things already at home which you can incorporate in your child’s photo sessions so this is not something you should worry about. However, we do suggest that you surf through the internet for ideas which you can use in your child’s photography.

Other things to consider

  •  Remember to pack your baby supplies before the photo session as these sessions can take few to several hours.
  • Hire local photographers which are near to you. If you reside in bracknell, find a professional photographer who can provide you with Baby Photography Bracknell.
  •  Inquire about the photographer you choose from friends, families, and social circles.
  • Make sure that whichever location you choose, it should be safe for your child.