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Panoramic Wallpaper –The Most Beautiful Models

A new trend for decorating the walls of your home: panoramic wallpaper.  it’s a style of wallpaper full of patterns and colors to transform your interior. Often large format, it forms an XXL painting directly on your wall space.

Panoramic wallpaper is the perfect wallcovering to instantly create ambiance in a room. Tropical, floral, design or Scandinavian , all styles are expressed through wallpaper. A great idea to dress up a large section of your wall in contrast with a uniform ensemble.

How to revamp your decoration with wallpaper? We reveal the most beautiful models of panoramic wallpapers to embellish your interior.

Panoramic wallpapers with urban motifs:

Let’s start with a selection of panoramic wallpapers inspired by our cities. If the City of Light continues to attract visitors from around the world, it is through the beauty of its architecture. Bring the grace of Haussmann buildings into the decor of your room. A sublime life-size wallpaper for a charming living room.

Like a tapestry , the representation of Notre Dame cathedral enters the living room. Close to a reading or reception area, the large urban silhouette draws a Parisian landscape. A painting in XXL format for a charming atmosphere.

The wall canvas plays on this model made in France with an indoor/outdoor feel. With the help of a few rollers, the decor of the famous Eiffel Tower will scroll through your living room. A Parisian balcony atmosphere in the comfort of your home. 

Exotic prints on your walls

The panoramic wallpaper models are ideal to make you want to escape from your living room. For this, opt for an exotic style. Here are some wall decorations with jungle looks or ethnic graphics.

tropical wallpaper styled to be chic. Like a charcoal drawing, the palm leaves are glued onto your walls . Between gray and navy blue, the exotic decor is full of elegance. A perfect coating for a beautiful dining room or a veranda.

In an office with a structural atmosphere, a section of the wall is adorned with drawings of plants and shrubs from hot countries. Between a refined vintage atmosphere and a modern decoration, the room finds a soothing balance.

For a warm and friendly living room, opt for a large format wallpaper inspired by ethnic motifs . After the installation, the living room will be transformed by the colorful and original patterns. Ideal for creating an ethnic chic universe in your living room or dining room.

Modern XXL wallpapers:

Here is a selection of contemporary large format adhesive wallcoverings .

To offer you beautiful decorations specialized in panoramic wallpaper. Here, the large format print creates a faux brick wall in a gray bedroom .

A model for a modern bedroom decoration. Like a photo mural , on one side of the wall is glued a panoramic wallpaper representing docks. The container colors form a colorful whole with an industrial look.

Want a stone wall without going through major work? Treat yourself to an authentic atmosphere in your living room with the help of rolls of panoramic wallpaper . A soft evening air near the fireplace for a cozy living room decoration .

A green wall using wall covering:

Taking inspiration from plants for your interior decoration immediately soothes your atmosphere.

Creating a beautiful dining area requires a relaxing decoration . With a green wall filled with large clovers, the dining room is zen. A perfect marriage of style with vintage furniture for a delicately rustic dining area.

For the bedroom, opt for a large nature-inspired photo mural . A green forest seen from the sky gives you an inspiring sight every day. A perfect decoration for a Scandinavian bedroom.

An idea that we also use for the dining room. Perfect to give you the impression of having lunch outside without having to leave the peace of your home.

If you are more beach than mountain, you will like to admire this panorama of heavenly white sand. Perfect for a reading corner with a warm atmosphere, your decoration will make you travel.

Buds are blooming on your walls:

A great classic of wallpapers, flowers and floral prints take on more significance in the panoramic version.

Adopting floral wallpaper sometimes means taking the risk of recalling decorations of yesteryear. More modern and more chic, the panoramic version offers you the possibility of giving a floral touch to your walls while avoiding kitsch. A perfect balancing act for lovers of English interiors.

Going for a tropical pattern means choosing an asserted singularity. A decoration that does not lack tone and charm.

Softer, the floral motifs on the walls will create a romantic universe . Ideal for a bedroom or dining room decoration.

This model is a nice alternative. A stunning depiction of spring flowers against a taupe background for an on -trend living room.

Life-size photomurals

To review your geography in the heart of your office, bet on a world map photo mural. An ideal wall covering for a teenager’s room. It cannot be said that you did not provide him with what to revise.

In a Scandinavian bedroom , panoramic wallpaper reflects the clean, airy atmosphere. Ideal in combination with soft textiles and sheers.

Large format graphic wallpapers

Finally, here are two more futuristic models. Graphic patterns for the walls of your home that will ensure a decoration full of modernity.

A living room that will look like no other. With geometric reliefs , the structure will give a vision of space. A panoramic and 3D wallpaper.

In midnight blue and gold, the panorama wallpaper printed in an art deco style. Clean lines for a vibrant, slightly retro atmosphere. A decor available in 3 colors to choose your favorite shade.