Protecting Your Homes; Simple Tips to Secure Your Loved Ones

Security Guard Services
Security Guard Services

Homes are a safe haven. You step inside to inhale the warmth, love, and security. It is a special place for each one of us, offering us comfort and relaxation, after a long and tiring day.

But do you know? Statistics have revealed that a burglar strikes an attempt at homes, every 30 seconds? Thus, home security should be a primary concern for you. We understand that the thought or the task itself is not as exciting as decorating your home sweet home. But it is certainly much more salient.

We all wish for our families to be safe and sound, within the premises of our homes, while we are out and about for work. And in order to do so, we must take the required measures to protect it, in all ways possible. There are various ways to shield your home, including Security Guard Services, high-quality locks, and much more.

Tips to Uplift your Home Security:

If you are planning a security layout for your home; we are here to guide you through. We have culled up some basic ways to help you uplift your home’s security, in the best way.

Without any further delays, let’s explore them.

1. Hire a Security Guard:

If you can add security guard services to your monthly budget; do it. Hiring trained personnel is definitely worth a thought and can be a sensible investment too. They are armed and understand their job pretty well.

We offer to see retail security guards outside shops. You can certainly have one for your home as well. But you must assess the service that you are hiring through. Do ample research before hiring a guard for your home.

2. Securing the Doors:

Securing the exterior doors is extremely crucial. The frames of your doors must be sturdy and the hinges should be well-protected. Moreover, if you have just bought a home through someone else; make sure that you change all the locks. This way, nobody out there would have keys to your home locks.

Ring video doorbells are also available these days which definitely add wonderfully to your home’s security. You can also upgrade to smart locks.

Security Guard Services
Security Guard Services

3. Proper Outdoor Lighting:

It is hard for vandals and thieves to step into a properly lit-up house. They usually opt for homes that have less or absolutely no proper lighting system as it makes it easier for them to break in.  You can easily keep burglars at bay by lighting up your landscape.

Install lights across your pathway, patio, and backyard to create a sense of life in the house. It not only scares the burglars and vandals but also helps you stay alert.

4. Set a CCTV System:

CCTV systems have evolved over the past few years. From a basic DIY security system that can be installed on your own to an automated and advanced featured CCTV system; you have innumerable options to choose from. You can assess your requirements and budget, and choose a system that seems promising enough to fulfil those, for you.

However, it is important to put your requirements at the forefront and not your budget. You must take proper measures to protect your home premises. Thus, inquire about the crime statistics of your neighbourhood through the police department and invest accordingly.

5. Keep Hiding Places Limited:

Large trees are certainly a great way to boost your curb appeal but they can also offer a safe hiding place for burglars. Thus, taking care of your trees and shrubs and ensuring that they do not outgrow much, is critical. They must not grow huge enough to hide a human behind them easily. Moreover, having trees around your windows is not a sensible decision to make. It is best to get them removed.

Moreover, it is best to put away ladders and stools from the exterior of your home. Lock all your gates and sheds etc. as soon as you enter the home. And make sure that your CCTV system is running at all times.


Figuring the right Retail Security Guards for your home shouldn’t be a boring task. It is a primary concern for you and your family and must be attended to, seriously. However, it is best that you sit back and relax. Understand the measures that you can invest in and act upon them. The above-mentioned tips are definitely the easiest to get started with as they offer optimal security for all types of premises.