What’s the distinction between 360 and whole lace wig?

What’s a 360 wig?

360 complete lace wig, sometimes called 360 lace wig, 360 frontal wigs, and 360 wigs, is principally a 360 lace frontal with bundles hooked up that creates a wig. A frontal is going totally round from one ear the entire well past every other ear and again. It’s an entire 360 circle then the internal portion of your head is solely the wefted tracks which might be sewn into the frontal. You’ll pull it up right into a ponytail. You’ll adhere it down with glue. 360 lace wig offers you numerous versatility like complete lace wigs but extra reasonably priced. Find makeup ideas.

A 360 lace entrance wig is a type of wig with a circle lace across the head. The human hair on this lace phase is knotted into the lace hollow through hand. Some other a part of 360 wigs is product of the prime stretch machine-made wig cap, bonding with the lace edge. The human hair weave is sewn into the machine-made wig cap.

As the image is proven,360 frontal wigs are made through including wefts within the center from a regular 22×4.5×2” measured 360 Band Lace Frontal hairpiece, which supplies the wig wearer non-compulsory styling with out exposing the wefts from the unique sized 13×4”- 13×6” Lace Frontal closures prior to now.

Characteristic of 360 lace frontal wig:

A 360 lace entrance wig is a circle of lace frontal which is able to quilt your head from one edge to every other edge, it covers a circle of your head. The top phase is empty. Remy’s hair is knotted into the lace hollow through hand.

With 360 lace wigs, you’ll put your wig right into a prime ponytail for the reason that lace within the again will appear to be your scalp.

The center portion is machine-sewn onto a breathable cap. The fee will value not up to a complete lace hair wig.

With the development of the 360 Frontal Wigs, you’ll succeed in a number of uniquely styled up-do hairstyles with out the overexposure of your bundles, as neatly it saves time on stitching the package hair extensions with the likes of in the past fed on lace closure items.

What Is the Distinction Between a Complete Lace Wig and A 360 Wig?

The options of a 360 wig are relatively very similar to complete lace wigs, and because of this many women have observed it as a extra reasonably priced method to get the options they would like. Alternatively, a 360 lace wig isn’t a complete lace wig, and we’ll in finding out why presently!

1. The variation in lace dimension

The design for 360 lace wigs has sheer lace round all the hairline attached to the circle of the wig in a 360-degree model.

Alternatively, complete lace wigs have lace in all places all the head. That is what offers complete lace wigs extra versatility than 360 lace wigs and lets you taste and phase your hair anyplace you wish to have.

2. Other cap building strategies

Some other distinction between 360 frontal lace wigs and whole lace wigs is the internal wig cap building.

360 wigs are in part knotted through hand and likewise made through the mechanical device as neatly. However the entirety of your complete lace wig is hand-knotted onto the lace cap through particular person strands.

3. Distinction in breathability

Complete lace wigs be offering extra breathability than 360 wigs as a result of they’ve a bigger lace space with top quality lace. Even if 360 wigs even have nice breathability with high quality lace is used, they don’t be offering as a lot breathability as complete lace wigs.

4. Coiffure flexibility is other

Complete lace wigs have just about limitless styling choices on account of their flexible nature in comparison to 360 wigs.

Even if 360 wigs assist you to pack your hair in a ponytail, which many ladies love, complete lace wigs can assist you to pack your hair in any taste, together with buns, slight braids, and all-back.

5. Other sew-in processes

A complete lace wig covers all the head and will have to be sewn in a different way to suit the aim of putting in it. Whilst 360 lace wigs have a smaller lace space to care for, the whole lace space of the whole lace wig could make it slightly complicated to put in.

6. The costs are other

Complete lace wigs are costlier than 360 wigs, and you’ll attach that to its versatility and the truth that it’s knotted through hand in a singular procedure. The standard of subject matter, wig, and set up procedure make lace wigs costlier than 360 wigs.

Execs and Cons of 360 Lace Wig

Sooner than you make a decision to buy that 360 lace wig, uncover what’s there to like about it and what downsides you’ll be expecting when the use of 360 lace wigs. There are a couple of of each.


  • Creates the semblance of a complete and thick head of hair, because of the 360 closure package and extra wefts on the crown.
  • Provides a extremely practical glance and will move for herbal hair on account of its pre-plucked hairline.
  • The 360 lace protection helps versatility in styling, together with updo types, buns, and ponytails, not like many different wigs.
  • The larger parting area 360 lace wigs have (4 inches in entrance and a pair of inches at the back of) creates a herbal glance.
  • 360 lace wigs are extra reasonably priced than lace entrance wigs of the similar density.


  • Relying to your funds, 360 lace wigs may well be too pricey for you, however that’s on account of the circle of lace going round your head and additional styling choices.
  • 360 wigs might get started slipping off after some time
  • With out correct upkeep, 360 wigs would possibly reason injury for your scalp.
  • The glue used at the wig wishes retouching each two weeks and can result in pores and skin inflammation.
  • Doesn’t make stronger as many hairstyles as complete lace wigs.

How do you get clean hair wigs?

1. Clean Hair Fibres The usage of Dryer Sheets

In case your wig is affected by minimum frizz or smaller flyaway hairs, run a cloth softener dryer sheet down the duration of the wig to clean away the static. For dry ends or flyaways across the hairline, take a look at guidelines 4 and 5 on our wig hacks with make-up put up.

2. Brush Thru Sections With A Broad Enamel Comb

Our go-to means earlier than venturing into heated gear or hair product territory. Take a small segment of hair and, beginning on the ends and transferring towards the crown, gently comb out the frizz or small tangles. Repeat in a single inch sections all the way through all the wig. All the time use a large enamel comb and both dangle the wig or position on a wig stand / head for simple maneuvering.

3. Flat Iron Hair Lengths

For delicate ‘all-over’ frizz, get started on the nape and flat iron one inch sections of the artificial fibre with hair straighteners. Use your vast enamel comb to lead the ceramic plates down the lengths and repeat 2-Thrice if required. Permit the hair to chill totally. We all the time suggest the use of gear with temperature controls, starting with the best surroundings.

4. Dissolve Static With A Moveable Steamer

If frizz is extra over the top, go for a hand held garment steamer. This low value instrument is perfect for artificial wigs and will cut back frizz relatively dramatically. Use the similar steps because the flat iron means, sectioning off the hair and steaming from the nape to the ends. Continue with hair straighteners (means 3) as soon as your wig has been totally steamed and cooled to a regular temperature.

5. Observe Go away-In Conditioner

Untreated frizz can result in tangles that may be tricky to brush out with out inflicting injury to artificial hair. On this case, position your wig on a hanger and, heading off the cap space, spritz a leave-in conditioner throughout the hair. We like the Detangler Sprays through Mane ‘n Tail and our DIY mix of diluted material softener works in particular neatly on artificial fibre. Lay out a towel to catch the surplus liquid and go away to soak. As soon as dry, use strategies 2-4 to complete reviving your wig.

6. Clean And Form With A Scorching Air Brush

Supreme for wavy wig types, change hair straighteners for a scorching air brush. The most recent variations of the heated hair brush function ceramic barrels that hair smoothening and de-frizz hair whilst including quantity and form for your wig. Use on dry hair lengths or in an instant after making use of a leave-in conditioner. We advise the heated brush stylers through Babyliss.

6. Clean And Form With A Scorching Air Brush

Supreme for wavy wig types, change hair straighteners for a scorching air brush. The most recent variations of the heated hair brush function ceramic barrels that clean and de-frizz hair whilst including quantity and form for your wig. Use on dry hair lengths or in an instant after making use of a leave-in conditioner. We advise the heated brush stylers through Babyliss.

Is keratin excellent for wigs?


Keratin is a fibrous protein, which supplies energy and elasticity to the internal and outer hair construction. Because of this leading edge compound our herbal hair is constructed to resist (or no less than tolerate for some time), the recent rays of the summer time solar and sour wintry weather chilly, in addition to the warmth of styling aids. Whilst it’s true that your hair is made up of “lifeless”’ keratin (even if it’s hooked up to the frame, it doesn’t have blood vessels flowing via it), the keratin will have to be nourished because it’s the name of the game to wholesome, glossy, clean hair. The similar applies to the hair of wigs.


  1. Use merchandise containing thermal coverage earlier than the use of hair dryers, flat irons, curling tongs. Go for merchandise with UV coverage, because the solar is as destructive for your human hair wig as it’s for your personal herbal locks. Our electrical scorching comb is designed for styling human hair wigs safely.
  2. By no means try to chemically color your human hair wig with out the aid of a qualified hair technician.
  3. After washing your human hair wig (and whilst it’s nonetheless rainy), unfold a small quantity of conditioner into the palm of your palms and gently paintings it into the hair. You should definitely unfold it lightly, so the duration of the wig is conditioned. Keep away from making use of any conditioner to the bottom of the wig as a result of it may loosen the knots at the cap, inflicting your wig to lose hair.
  4. If you select, you’ll practice a small quantity of hair serum or oil all the way through the wig so as to add shine, moisture, and coverage to the hair. Keratin and Marula oils are nice choices for human hair wigs.
  5. Let your human hair wig air dry on a wig stand as that’s probably the most mild means and is helping maintain the herbal fibres.
  6. After it’s totally dry, you’ll use heated styling gear.
  7. Select a human hair wig pigmented with high quality colourants, similar to the ones from the Joico vary. Stay your human hair wig out of direct daylight as this will fade the hair color.
  8. To keep away from hair loss, breakage and matting don’t put on your wig to mattress.
  9. Keep the feel of your wig through heading off touch with chlorinated water, seawater, and scorching water.
  10. And finally, select your human hair wig’s color sparsely. Lighter hair colors are extra refined than darker hair colors on account of further processing. So blondes will want to be additional cautious whilst washing and storing your human hair wig. Our 360 full lace wig are sparsely lightened to succeed in the most efficient blonde hue with out the danger of color fading speedy.

Can human hair wigs be straightened?

Sure, since your wig is made with human hair, it’s conceivable to straighten it. Alternatively, to verify your wig lasts for a longer time, it is suggested to practice particular steps when straightening your curly human hair wig. You are going to have a wig with straightened hair earlier than you realize it.

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