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Cheap Carpets Wigan
Cheap Carpets Wigan

Why are carpets the primary choice of flooring?

People around the globe love carpets. Despite immense innovation in the field of flooring and with so many options to choose from, carpets remain the primary choice of customers looking for an elegant and aesthetic flooring solution.

In the United Kingdom alone, 97% of inhabitants feature carpets in their homes one way or the other. What are the reasons for this popularity? Below we discuss a few reasons why carpets are so famous.

Warmth & Comfort

Because carpets are stitched from different types of fibres, they are softer than all other types of flooring materials. Your children can comfortably play on them. You can sit on them and even take a nap. They provide you with warmth during the winters and act as an insulation layer between you and the floor during the summers.

In contrast, if you have some other type of flooring such as ceramic tiles, they will get cold in the winters and hot in the summers. They are also relatively harder on your feet as well as your body. Whether you get an expensive variety or Cheap Carpets Wigan, warmth and comfort are two features which are offered by all varieties.


Think of a carpet in any colour and you can have it. From all shades of white to darker ones, from gold-coloured to shades of brown, you have so many colours to choose from. This makes it extremely convenient to complement the interior of your home with matching or contrasting colours.

One famous and highly affordable variety of carpets these days is the modern Tartan carpet. They are available in countless colours and are very cheap.

Easy Fitting and Easy Removal

When you decide to install any type of flooring in your home, you will find the installation of carpets to be the easiest. All the fitters have to do is take precise measurements, cut the carpet rolls according to the measurements, and fit them in your room. When you need to remove them for replacing or for any other reason, they can be easily rolled and removed.

Broad Cost range

You can find a carpet at almost any rate. Woollen carpets are relatively more expensive than man-made carpets. However, the latter is available in a broad range of prices making them extremely affordable options for those who have light pockets. You can get a carpet for as low as £ 10 per square meter. If you have budgetary restrictions, you can select from a wide variety of cheap carpets in Wigan.


Woollen carpets and high-quality man-made carpets are also available in luxurious and expensive varieties. They can provide a high aesthetic value to your interior which can hardly be matched by other types of flooring.

Cheap Carpets Wigan
Cheap Carpets Wigan


Carpet layers can reduce sound to some extent. This can be especially useful if you live in a multiple storey building.


The greatest misunderstanding about carpets is that they are difficult to clean and maintain. While this would have been ten years ago but with the innovation in the carpet cleaning business, this misunderstanding can be put to rest.

You can hire a carpet washing professional at a highly affordable rate and get your carpets washed without being removed. If you want low maintenance and incredibly affordable carpet, you should take a look at the Modern Tartan Carpet.

Types of carpets
Woollen Carpets

When it comes to carpets, there is no doubt that woollen varieties offer more comfort as well as aesthetic value than man-made ones. Textured woollen carpets can completely transform your home into an exotic one. The warmth and comfort offered by woollen carpets cannot be matched.

Some are thick enough to let your feet sink in. Their creamy texture offers immense luxury and opulence. Wool is highly resistant to wear. As it is a natural fibre, it is kind to your skin. Woollen carpets can range from average prices to really expensive ones. Hand-crafted woollen carpets are even more expensive.

Man-made carpets

Man-made or synthetic carpets are usually stitched from two types of synthetic fibres. nylon and polypropylene with the former being more common than the latter. Both are more common and more affordable than woollen carpets.

You can choose from a wide range of man-made cheap carpets in Wigan. They also have a longer life than woollen carpets. Whether you get a man-made carpet or a woollen one, a wide range of choices is available in both categories.


Many carpet manufacturers stitch carpets from a combination of both wool and synthetic fibres. A typical mix is 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres. These carpets combine the luxury of wool with the resilience of synthetic fibres. This also addresses the issue of cost as you can get this variety at a much less price than a completely woollen one.